Press conference to present the Road Show – Career Days Cybersecurity 5.0.

The press conference to present the Road Show – Career Days Cybersecurity 5.0 organized by Planet Diplomacy will be held on 8 June from 12 to 13 in the Press Room of the Chamber of Duputies. The Road show is divided into various stages throughout Italy starting from the Multifunctional Center of the University of Bari on June 23 and provides an opportunity for recent graduates, students and all interested people to meet companies in a sector, cybersecurity, where job offers and opportunities are ever more numerous.

Participating in the presentation:

Bruno Frattasi, former Prefect of Rome and Director of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN)

Carlo Corazza, Italy Director of the European Parliament Office

Elena Grech, Vice Direttore della Rappresentanza della Commissione Europea in Italia

Antonio Uricchio, President of ANVUR

Alessandro Manfredini, President of AIPSA

Domitilla Benigni, President of W4CI (Women for Cyber)

The presentation will be moderated by Prof. Giuseppe Pirlo, University of Bari – Third Mission Delegate.

Cybersecurity 5.0 Career day